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Description #

Source #

File: includes/lib/stripe-php/lib/Service/CustomerService.php

Methods #

  • all — Returns a list of your customers. The customers are returned sorted by creation date, with the most recent customers appearing first.
  • allBalanceTransactions — Returns a list of transactions that updated the customer’s balances.
  • allPaymentMethods — Returns a list of PaymentMethods for a given Customer.
  • allSources — List sources for a specified customer.
  • allTaxIds — Returns a list of tax IDs for a customer.
  • create — Creates a new customer object.
  • createBalanceTransaction — Creates an immutable transaction that updates the customer’s credit balance.
  • createSource — When you create a new credit card, you must specify a customer or recipient on which to create it.
  • createTaxId — Creates a new TaxID object for a customer.
  • delete — Permanently deletes a customer. It cannot be undone. Also immediately cancels any active subscriptions on the customer.
  • deleteDiscount — Removes the currently applied discount on a customer.
  • deleteSource
  • deleteTaxId — Deletes an existing TaxID object.
  • retrieve — Retrieves the details of an existing customer. You need only supply the unique customer identifier that was returned upon customer creation.
  • retrieveBalanceTransaction — Retrieves a specific customer balance transaction that updated the customer’s balances.
  • retrieveSource — Retrieve a specified source for a given customer.
  • retrieveTaxId — Retrieves the TaxID object with the given identifier.
  • update — Updates the specified customer by setting the values of the parameters passed.
  • updateBalanceTransaction — Most credit balance transaction fields are immutable, but you may update its description and metadata.
  • updateSource
  • verifySource