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Description #

Source #

File: includes/lib/stripe-php/lib/Service/PayoutService.php

Methods #

  • all — Returns a list of existing payouts sent to third-party bank accounts or that Stripe has sent you. The payouts are returned in sorted order, with the most recently created payouts appearing first.
  • cancel — A previously created payout can be canceled if it has not yet been paid out.
  • create — To send funds to your own bank account, you create a new payout object. Your Stripe balance must be able to cover the payout amount, or you’ll receive an “Insufficient Funds” error.
  • retrieve — Retrieves the details of an existing payout. Supply the unique payout ID from either a payout creation request or the payout list, and Stripe will return the corresponding payout information.
  • reverse — Reverses a payout by debiting the destination bank account. Only payouts for connected accounts to US bank accounts may be reversed at this time. If the payout is in the pending status, /v1/payouts/:id/cancel should be used instead.
  • update — Updates the specified payout by setting the values of the parameters passed. Any parameters not provided will be left unchanged. This request accepts only the metadata as arguments.