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Description #

Source #

File: includes/lib/stripe-php/lib/Service/SubscriptionScheduleService.php

Methods #

  • all — Retrieves the list of your subscription schedules.
  • cancel — Cancels a subscription schedule and its associated subscription immediately (if the subscription schedule has an active subscription). A subscription schedule can only be canceled if its status is not_started or active.
  • create — Creates a new subscription schedule object. Each customer can have up to 500 active or scheduled subscriptions.
  • release — Releases the subscription schedule immediately, which will stop scheduling of its phases, but leave any existing subscription in place. A schedule can only be released if its status is not_started or active. If the subscription schedule is currently associated with a subscription, releasing it will remove its subscription property and set the subscription’s ID to the released_subscription property.
  • retrieve — Retrieves the details of an existing subscription schedule. You only need to supply the unique subscription schedule identifier that was returned upon subscription schedule creation.
  • update — Updates an existing subscription schedule.