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This function has been deprecated. Use ‘learndash_get_report_user_ids’ instead.

learndash_get_report_user_ids_NEW_PP21( int $user_id,  array $query_args = array() )

Gets the list of user IDs for the report.

Description #

This function will determine the list of users the current user can see. For example for group leader, it will show the only user within the leader’s groups. For admin, it will show all users.

Parameters #


(int) (Optional) User ID. Defaults to the current user ID. Default 0.


(array) (Optional) User query arguments.

Default value: array()

Return #

(array) An array of user IDs.

Source #

File: includes/deprecated/3.4.0/functions.php

Changelog #

Version Description
3.4.0 Introduced. Use 'learndash_get_report_user_ids' instead.