learndash_login_shortcode( array $atts = array(),  string $content = '' )

Builds the learndash_login shortcode output.

Description #

Parameters #


(array) (Optional) An array of shortcode attributes.

  • 'login_modal'
    (string|false) Login mode setting.
  • 'url'
    (string|false) Login/logout URL.
  • 'label'
    (string|false) Login/logout label.
  • 'icon'
    (string|false) Login/logout icon.
  • 'placement'
    (string|false) Login/logout placement.
  • 'class'
    (string|false) Login/logout CSS class.
  • 'button'
    (string|false) Login/logout button.
  • 'login_url'
    (string) Login URL.
  • 'login_label'
    (string) Login label.
  • 'login_icon'
    (string) Login icon.
  • 'login_placement'
    (string) Login placement.
  • 'login_class'
    (string) Login class.
  • 'login_button'
    (string) Login button.
  • 'logout_url'
    (string) Logout url.
  • 'logout_label'
    (string) Logout label.
  • 'logout_placement'
    (string) Logout placement.
  • 'logout_icon'
    (string) Logout icon.
  • 'logout_class'
    (string) Logout class.
  • 'logout_button'
    (string) Logout button.
  • 'preview_action'
    (string) Preview action
  • 'return'
    (string) Whether to return the output.

Default value: array()


(string) (Optional) Content to append to and return.

Default value: ''

Return #

(string) $content.

Source #

File: themes/ld30/includes/shortcodes.php