learndash_student_check_shortcode( array $atts,  string|null $content = null )

Builds the student shortcode output.

Description #

Shortcode to display content to users that have access to current course ID.

Parameters #


(array) (Required) An array of shortcode attributes.

  • 'Optional.'
    (int) $course_id Course ID. Default current course ID.
  • 'Optional.'
    (int) $user_id User ID. Default current user ID.
  • 'Optional.'
    (string) $content The shortcode content. Default null.
  • 'Optional.'
    (boolean) $autop Whether to replace linebreaks with paragraph elements. Default true.


(string|null) (Optional) The shortcode content. Default null

Default value: null

Return #

(string) The student shortcode output.

Source #

File: includes/shortcodes/ld_student.php

Changelog #

Version Description
2.1.0 Introduced.