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do_action_ref_array( 'leandash_ipnlistener_init',  Object $listener )

Fires after instansiating a ipnlistener object to allow override of public attributes.

Description #

Parameters #


(Object) An instance of IpnListener Class.

Source #

File: includes/lib/paypal/ipn.php

Examples #

Note: Extended code example below not guaranteed, you may need to consult with a developer

 * Example usage for ldadvquiz_answered action.
add_action( 'learndash_ipnlistener_init', 'learndash_ipnlistener_init_function', 10, 1 );
function learndash_ipnlistener_init_function( $listener ) {
	// As an example to disable SSL between the servers.
	// This controls how the server to server connection is made and does not effect
	// using HTTPS via the browser.
	$listener->use_ssl = false;

Changelog #

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