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This hook has been deprecated. Use ‘learndash_listing_taxonomies’ instead.

apply_filters_deprecated( 'learndash-admin-taxonomy-filters-display',  array $object_taxonomies,  array $post_types )

Filters admin settings taxonomy filters list.

Description #

Parameters #


(array) An array of the names or objects of all taxonomies of all the listing post types.


(array) An array of listing post types.

Source #

File: includes/admin/class-learndash-admin-posts-listing.php

Examples #

Note: Extended code example below not guaranteed, you may need to consult with a developer

 * Example usage for learndash_report_page_buttons action.
	function() {

		// Add your custom code here

Changelog #

Version Description
3.2.3 Use 'learndash_listing_taxonomies' instead.
2.4.0 Introduced. This hook has been deprecated. Use {@see 'learndash_listing_taxonomies'} instead.