This hook has been deprecated. Use the ‘learndash_certificate_html’ filter instead.

apply_filters_deprecated( 'learndash_ld_certificate_html',  string $cert_button_html,  array $atts,  string $content )

Filters certificate button HTML output for ld_certificate shortcode.

Description #

Parameters #


(string) The HTML output of generated button element.


(array) An array of shortcode attributes used to generate $cert_button_html element.


(string) Shortcode additional content passed into handler function.

Source #

File: includes/shortcodes/ld_certificate.php

Examples #

 * Example usage for ld_certificate_shortcode_cert_url filter.
	function( $cert_url ) {
		// May add any custom logic using $cert_url.

		// Always return $cert_url.
		return $cert_url;

Changelog #

Version Description
3.2.0 Use the 'learndash_certificate_html' filter instead.
3.1.4 Introduced.