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LDLMS_Model_User_Quiz_Progress::updated_user_meta_progress( int $meta_id,  int $object_id,  string $meta_key,  mixed $_meta_value )

Hook into the user meta update logic from WordPress so we know if external processes are updating the user meta value. If so we set the dirty flag to force a reload of the meta and rebuild the data structure.

Description #

Parameters #


(int) (Required) ID of updated metadata entry.


(int) (Required) Object ID.


(string) (Required) Meta key.


(mixed) (Required) Meta value.

Source #

File: includes/classes/class-ldlms-model-user-quiz-progress.php

Changelog #

Version Description
3.2.0 Introduced. See the WordPress action 'updated_user_meta' for source of parameters.