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This method has been deprecated.

LearnDash_PayPal_IPN::ipn_exit( string $redirect_url = '',  bool $error = false,  string $message = '',  int $status_code = 200 )

IPN Processing exit.

Description #

This is a general cleanup function called at the end of processing on an abort. This function will finish out the processing log before exit.

Parameters #


(string) (Optional) redirect on exit. @since 3.6.0.

Default value: ''


(bool) (Optional) True if it's an error|false otherwise.

Default value: false


(string) (Optional) Message output.

Default value: ''


(int) (Optional) HTTP status code return.

Default value: 200

Source #

File: src/deprecated/LearnDash_PayPal_IPN.php

Changelog #

Version Description
4.5.0 Introduced. This method has been deprecated.