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Format [courseinfo] certificate shortcode cumulative_percentage parameter decimal places


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 * This is an example of wrapping a shortcode around the LearnDash [courseinfo] shortcode to control the format. 
 * In the following example we are targeting the courseinto item 'cumulative_percentage'. By default the
 * value returned via LearnDash will be a number with 2 decimal places. We want to round the number value 
 * to the closest whole integer. 
 * For this we wrap the LearnDash shortcode with our own [number_format][/number_format] as in
 * [number_format show="cumulative_percentage" decimal_places="1"][courseinfo show="cumulative_percentage"][/number_format]
 * We use the same show="" parameter this was we only have one shortcode function instead of one for each of the courseinfo items. 
 * Also, we have a second optional parameter decimal_places="" this is used to control the number of decimal places to trim to. 
 * If not provided the default is decimal_places="2".

add_shortcode('number_format', function ( $atts = array(), $content = '') {
	// We call do_shortcode because what is passed here in $content
	// is the inner shortcode '[courseinfo show="cumulative_percentage"]'
	// We need to get the returned numer value first.
	$content = do_shortcode( $content );
	if ( ( isset( $atts['show'] ) ) && ( !empty( $atts['show'] ) ) ) {
		if ( !isset( $atts['decimal_places'] ) ) {
			$atts['decimal_places'] = 2;
		$atts['decimal_places'] = intval( $atts['decimal_places'] );
		switch( $atts['show'] ) {
			case 'cumulative_percentage':
				//$content = number_format( $content, $atts['decimal_places'] );
				// Instead of trimming the decimal places using number_format() we instead want to round the value up/down
				$content = round( $content, $atts['decimal_places'] );
	return $content;
}, 10, 2);