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LearnDash Defines


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Should not be changed.

LEARNDASH_VERSION - Defined as the current version. 3.2 etc.

LEARNDASH_SETTINGS_TRIGGER_UPGRADE_VERSION - Trigger version for Data Upgrade admin notice.
LEARNDASH_LMS_TEXT_DOMAIN - Set to 'learndah'. 

LEARNDASH_LMS_PLUGIN_KEY - Defined and set as the plugin directory and main file sfwd-lms/sfwd_lms.php

LEARNDASH_LMS_PLUGIN_DIR - Plugin directory. Includes trailing /
LEARNDASH_LMS_PLUGIN_URL - Plugin URL. Includes trailing /


LEARNDASH_TEMPLATES_DIR - WP_ULOADS + /learndash/trmplates/

LEARNDASH_LMS_DATABASE_PREFIX_SUB - Default is 'learndash_'. Sets the custom database table prefix.
LEARNDASH_PROQUIZ_DATABASE_PREFIX_SUB_DEFAULT - Default is 'wp_'. Sets the default WPProQuiz table prefix.

LEARNDASH_REST_API_ENABLED - Default true. Controls if LD REST API is enabled. This is required on as of LD 3.0.
LEARNDASH_REST_API_DIR - Default is LEARNDASH_LMS_PLUGIN_DIR + /includes/rest-api/ The path to the LearnDash REST library.

LEARNDASH_ACTIVATED - Set when LearnDash is being activated. Only set during that initial activation page load.

Can be changed as needed.
LEARNDASH_DEBUG - Similar to WP_DEBUG and used to enable certain debug output within LD. If WP_DEBUG is set to true this will also be set to true.
LEARNDASH_SCRIPT_DEBUG - Similar to WordPress SCRIPT_DEBUG. If set to true will load the non-minified versions of CSS and JS assets.
LEARNDASH_SCRIPT_VERSION_TOKEN - Used to append to all JS/CSS URLs for uniquness. Default is LEARNDASH_VERSION. If LEARNDASH_DEBUG is set to true the value will be a timestamp which means each page load will have a unique token.

LEARNDASH_TRANSIENTS_DISABLED - Default is false. If set to true will disable use of transient cache.
LEARNDASH_FILTER_PRIORITY_THE_CONTENT - Default 30. Controls to priority of the 'the_content' filter.

LEARNDASH_LESSON_VIDEO - Default true. If support for Video Progression is enabled.

LEARNDASH_COURSE_BUILDER - Default is true. If Course builder is enabled.
LEARNDASH_QUIZ_BUILDER - Default is true. If Quiz builder is enabled. 

LEARNDASH_GUTENBERG - Default is true. If Gutenberg support is enabled.
LEARNDASH_TRANSLATIONS - Default is true. If support for LD Translations is enabled.
LEARNDASH_ADDONS_UPDATER - Default is true. If support for the Add-ons logic is enabled.

LEARNDASH_HTTP_REMOTE_GET_TIMEOUT - Controls timeout for outbound HTTP Get requests. License and update checks for example.
LEARNDASH_HTTP_REMOTE_POST_TIMEOUT - Controls timeout for outbound HTTP Post requests. License and update checks for example.

LEARNDASH_LMS_DEFAULT_QUESTION_POINTS - Controls default Quiz question points. 
LEARNDASH_LMS_DEFAULT_ANSWER_POINTS - Controls default Quiz answer points.

LEARNDASH_LMS_DEFAULT_DATA_UPGRADE_BATCH_SIZE - Data Upgrades number of items to process per request.
LEARNDASH_PROCESS_TIME_PERCENT - Defalt 80. Used by Data upgrade. Controls the amount of processing time percentage per request.
LEARNDASH_PROCESS_TIME_SECONDS -  Default 10. Used by Data upgrade. Controls the amount of processing time per request.

LEARNDASH_LMS_DEFAULT_WIDGET_PER_PAGE - Number of items per page default for widgets.
LEARNDASH_LMS_DEFAULT_CB_INSERT_CHUNK_SIZE - User by Course/Quiz builders when saving changes.

LEARNDASH_ADMIN_CAPABILITY_CHECK - Default 'manage_options'. Used by function learndash_is_admin_user() to check if user is an admin.
LEARNDASH_GROUP_LEADER_CAPABILITY_CHECK - Default 'group_leader'. Used by function learndash_is_group_leader_user() to check if user is a group leader.

LEARNDASH_DEFAULT_THEME - Default 'ld30'. Sets default theme. Used on new installs.
LEARNDASH_LEGACY_THEME - Default 'legacy' Sets legacy theme.  Used on new installs.
LEARNDASH_QUIZ_RESULT_MESSAGE_MAX - Default 15. Used for max number of Quiz Result Messges.
LEARNDASH_ADMIN_POPUP_STYLE - Default 'jQuery-dialog'. Used for TinyMCE shortcodes popup.
LEARNDASH_SELECT2_LIB - Default true. Controls support for select2 JS library in LD Settings.
LEARNDASH_SETTINGS_HEADER_PANEL - Default is true. Support for new header panel in LD 3.0.0

LEARNDASH_SHOW_MARK_INCOMPLETE - Default is false. Controls support for "Mark Incomplete" button.

LEARNDASH_SETTINGS_SECTION_TYPE - Default is 'metabox'. Controls the layout of the various settings pages to group the sections into metaboxes. 

No longer used. But still in the code for legzcy support.

LEARNDASH_LMS_DEFAULT_LAZY_LOAD_PER_PAGE - Number of items to load per request for lazy load. Deprecated.