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Upload custom font into TCPDF


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1. Create a new folder in our common LearnDash directory: 'wp-content/uploads/learndash/tcpdf/fonts/'

2. Next, using FTP or similar, copy all the fonts from includes/lib/tcpdf/fonts/ and copy them to wp-content/uploads/learndash/tcpdf/fonts/

3. Add the below code snippet to your child theme's functions.php file:

add_action( 'learndash_init', function() {
    if ( ! defined( 'K_PATH_FONTS' ) ) {
        $wp_upload_dir = wp_upload_dir();
        $basedir = str_replace( '\\', '/', $wp_upload_dir['basedir'] );
        $ld_tcpdf_fonts_dir = trailingslashit( $basedir ) . 'learndash/tcpdf/fonts/';
        define( 'K_PATH_FONTS', $ld_tcpdf_fonts_dir );

4. Now you can go about adding custom fonts as you like into this folder and no worries about the next time updating LearnDash.

As a final note due to how the TCPDF config file is coded


You may see a PHP Notice about K_PATH_FONTS already defined. This is because in the tcpdf_config.php file it does not first check if 'K_PATH_FONTS' is possibly already defined