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Class for LearnDash Permalinks

Description #

Source #

File: includes/class-ld-permalinks.php

Methods #

  • __construct — Public constructor for class
  • attachment_link — Filter the attachment link when using nested URLs.
  • comment_form_top — Action for comment form when nested URLs are enabled. This way the user is returned to this course step URL
  • comment_post — Add the course_id to comment meta
  • generate_rewrite_rules — Setup custom rewrite URLs.
  • get_edit_post_link — Override WordPress Get Edit Post Link to include nested URL.
  • get_sample_permalink — Hook into the admin post editor Permalink display. We override the LD post items so they include the full nested URL
  • post_type_link — This second filter will correct calls to the WordPress get_permalink() function to use the new structure
  • row_actions — Called via the WordPress List Table instance. This function will adjust the course step permalinks to be nested if enabled.