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LearnDash_Permalinks::get_sample_permalink( array $permalink = '',  int $post_id,  string $title = '',  string $name = '',  object $post = '' )

Hook into the admin post editor Permalink display. We override the LD post items so they include the full nested URL

Description #

Parameters #


(array) (Optional) Array containing the sample permalink with placeholder for the post name, and the post name.

Default value: ''


(int) (Required) Post ID.


(string) (Optional) Post title.

Default value: ''


(string) (Optional) Post name (slug).

Default value: ''


(object) (Optional) (WP_Post) Post object.

Default value: ''

Source #

File: includes/class-ld-permalinks.php

Changelog #

Version Description
2.5.0 Introduced.