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Source Files: includes/lib/stripe-php/lib/Service/InvoiceService.php


Method: At any time, you can preview the upcoming invoice for a customer. This will show you all the charges that are pending, including subscription renewal charges, invoice item charges, etc. It will also show you any discounts that are applicable to the invoice.


Method: This endpoint creates a draft invoice for a given customer. The draft invoice created pulls in all pending invoice items on that customer, including prorations. The invoice remains a draft until you finalize the invoice, which allows you to pay or send the invoice to your customers.


Method: Permanently deletes a one-off invoice draft. This cannot be undone. Attempts to delete invoices that are no longer in a draft state will fail; once an invoice has been finalized or if an invoice is for a subscription, it must be voided.


Method: Stripe will automatically send invoices to customers according to your subscriptions settings. However, if you’d like to manually send an invoice to your customer out of the normal schedule, you can do so. When sending invoices that have already been paid, there will be no reference to the payment in the email.